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Can Medical Marijuana Help Serious Pain?

Chronic pain has reached epidemic proportions in this country. Chronic pain is usually defined as pain that lasts ninety days or longer. Although it’s more widespread in older adults, any person can experience it. Approximately 50 million people endure chronic pain, and another 25 million endure acute pain caused by simply surgery and accidents. You can navigate to this website to know about the uses of medical marijuana.


One of the many problems with chronic pain is under treatment. Good National Chronic Pain Outreach Connection, seven million cannot reduce their pain without opiate prescription drugs, and yet, only 5, 000 doctors were prepared to prescribe it. Because associated with negative publicity, erroneous opinions about addiction, or the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) analysis, doctors are afraid associated with losing their license. Even though you can find a health practitioner to prescribe opioids, since tolerance can take place over time, many doctors won’t prescribe an adequate medication dosage to combat the pain. Tragically, living with intractable pain can lead to depression, and depression can lead to suicide.

Although I don’t advocate using marijuana for recreational use, it has been found beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain. In supplement to its analgesic side effects, it is an anti-inflammatory, and it also can work synergystically with opiod medications.