Fraud Monitoring And Protection Services Offered By Deluxe Corporation

Deluxe Corporation has long been known as the leading brand in check printing in the United States. It has been at the forefront of innovation for the last 100 years and continues to be an acknowledged leader in this field. However, the expertise offered by the company is not limited merely to printing checks, personalizing them or even coming up with apps for new orders or deluxe check reorders. It offers a wide range of services from marketing solutions to marketing education and research.

Notable among the services on offer are the fraud monitoring and protection services. To counter identity theft and fraud Deluxe has many services two of which are Deluxe Provent and Deluxe ID Authentication. Deluxe Provent is a service that financial institutions can offer to their customers as part of a package or a standalone product to help protect their financial assets. It has the added advantage of generating income through fees and being a tool to ensure customer loyalty.

Deluxe ID Authentication is a tool designed to help prevent identity theft. Through its Knowledge Based Authentication it can identify suspicious individuals going after sensitive information. Using out-of-wallet authentication the tool asks questions which are not merely basic but can only be answered by the appropriate individual. As a result, information stored in the wallet is all but useless to scammers.