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The Kentucky Action for Childhood Obesity is a new KY AAP program. The goal of KACO is to engage pediatricians and promote best practices in addressing pediatric obesity. The Obesity Task Force members have dual roles: 1. To serve as “Coaches” for the KACO network and 2. To serve as Chapter experts on childhood obesity for advocacy and policy work at the state level.

Members of the Obesity Task Force include:
Chris Bolling, MD, FAAP (Chair), Kim Boland MD, FAAP, Suzanne Kingery MD, FAAP, April Mattingly MD, FAAP, Tok Omoruvi MD, FAAP, David Parker MD, FAAP, Joelle Paulozz MD, FAAP, Lisa Pfitzer MD, FAAP, Aurelia Radelescu MD, FAAP, Charlotte Stites, MD, FAAP


Chocolate Milk: Friend or Foe? When I get asked to comment on the relative value of flavored milk in nutrition and obesity prevention as a pediatrician who does a lot of work on pediatric obesity, I usually look for the closest exit. Passionate opinions can be found on both sides of whether or not chocolate milk is good for you and most controversially whether or not we should allow chocolate milk in schools. The arguments generally something like this:

PRO Flavored Milk: If kids don’t have low-fat flavored milk as an option, milk consumption drops and juice consumption increases. Consequently, obesity goes up and needed protein and calcium consumption drops.

CON Flavored Milk: Kids get used to things. If you take chocolate milk away from them and provide the healthiest alternatives, they will eventually get there, even if they take a little time.

As with so many issues these days, I find myself to be a passionate member of the radical center. The studies out there are a mixed bag and a balance between pragmatic and purist is very appropriate until we have more data. Soliciting parent input, understanding local dietary habits, knowing the financial impacts even if those are usually very short term effects and being open to numerous other considerations are very important in making decisions about allowing chocolate milk access. How’s that for an equivocal answer? Now you see why I run for the door!

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