Leadership Development – A Strategic Need

Leadership is very important for the ongoing success of any organization. A great leader at the top makes a big difference to his organization. Everyone will agree with this statement. Experts in the field of human resources mentioned the importance of leaders at all levels and not just the leadership at the top.

Rightly so. It is not without reason that companies have been known to put in place a process of leadership development continuously. Mention this, however, to line managers, or to a sales manager or executive in most organizations and you may be dealing with a coy response.

Leadership development – a strategic need?

Subjects covered by the general leadership of many organizations. Leadership is usually understood in terms of personal attributes such as charisma, communication, inspiration, dynamism, toughness, instinct, etc., and not in terms of what a good leader can do for their organizations.

Developing leaders fall in the HR domain. Framed and expenditure budgets are used with indicators like training hours per employee per year. Is the good intentions behind the training budget is translated into action or not monitored. Such leadership development expenditure, which is based solely on good intentions and general ideas about leadership, can be fired in bad times and get extravagant during good times