Maintaining Legacy Through Harriet Tubman Performer

 Harriet Tubman has been in the limelight since the earlier times. She has been known for her bravery in escaping slavery since the early eighteen forties. In the Underground Railroad, she then became a famous conductress. This has led her to guide other slaves in obtaining freedom and democracy. Apart from that, she has also braved the way to being a successful nurse. She is fearless and an outstanding icon that has helped in empowering individuals. Through the years, many have aspired to become a harriet tubman performer who envisions to bring her legacy to life.

Through her childhood, she obtained physical violence. With a severe injury, she braved it all through. Perhaps, cruelty within her surroundings has been a staple of her. She has suffered so much from a very young age. Tubman had carried a scar through her life, but it has served to be part of her bravery as growing. These stories of her have allowed people to find it inspiring and empowering that a woman braved all the challenges just to get through it all.

What is the story behind the Underground Railroad? Through her successful escape, she was able to guide the passengers. These people have provided their trust to her which determines how she took the pride in leading them the way and which stations they must go into. She was brave enough to go out during the day and look for food and other resources that would provide safety. Through the nights, they would run to get into a station before the sun rises. As the nights take more time during the winter, they would take the opportunity to run during this season.

In the film industry, many writers and performers have gained interest in knowing her story deeply. There are countless arguments if the next performer to play Tubman should be Black British artist. Erivo has played as Harriet Tubman to a film entitled Harriet which opened protests because of her British heritage. Many people would claim that she should be disqualified of the role. Most critics have opened their sentiments regarding this matter.

As most people and critics would argue, the legacy of this icon must not be portrayed by someone like Erivo. More people have opened their claims that the film was made for White Americans and not for the Black Americans. On the other side, many artists have shown their support despite the allegations and negative feedbacks from most viewers. Perhaps, most of them have believed that the legacy remained.

In the music industry, production companies have developed their interest in making the narrative into a play. The use of songs that would tell the story during the Civil war caters to showcase the adventures of an iconic woman who braved the slavery and secured freedom to be obtained. The story would showcase a two character that tells the story through a song. Letters to Harriet Tubman has been an empowering play that foretells a story of both courage and strength. This paved the way for the audience to develop hope and to achieve their dreams.

Today, through art festivals, many performers would showcase to the younger generation who this brave icon is. Perhaps, not everyone knows about her story. But with the help of festivals, people are gathered and this has been an opportunity for many artists to perform and share the story of an iconic woman. This type of performance brings along students in one place to listen and learn and be inspired.

A one woman performance is effective in portraying the legacy of an icon. Through songs, acting, and inspiring storytelling of history, the younger generation today would be able to celebrate the freedom the Tubman has acquired. This provides hope, encouragement, and faith to everyone that attends to the performance. This is done in an open field with a small stage in front and everyone can gather around.

The powerful story of Tubman inspired many. Through performing artists, the younger generation would be able to know a woman that braved her way to freedom. Today, this legacy has remained through exhibits, researches, photos, performances and such. Even other cities would celebrate a commemoration anniversary in honor of the bravery that Tubman has shown which shows inspiration.