Pimple Popping – How to Pop a Pimple

When you are feeling desperate about the state of your acne ridden face, it is natural to fall prey to any hopeful sounding advice that you can pick up on the Internet. People who are paid to write articles by the word will write anything to get your attention, without researching its accuracy. So, one night you may go to bed with toothpaste slathered over your pimples, as you have read that it gets rid of them. The next night you may go to bed with lemon juice squeezed over them, and then cold tea leaves.

None of which are likely to work. Certainly, the problem with pimples is that they are formed when there is too much oil and other detritus in the pores of the skin, which leads to bacteria setting up home and inflammation forming. So acid from lemon juice and antioxidants from tea leaves and any random chemicals in toothpaste may have a mild effect. But they will not be enough to cure you.

Diet and hygiene are the cures for most (admittedly not all, but most) acne problems. For any pimples that you cannot eradicate after cutting out sugar and all refined carbs, eating 8 portions of fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables a day, and washing twice daily, use a  sterilised pimple extractor backed by plenty of clean cotton wool and antiseptic.