Street Art Paintings- When art has no boundaries

Some artists detest their pieces of art being exhibited in the confines of the four walls of a museum. No, it is for the world to see and when you want the world to see your creative bent, what better place than the common streets or walls?

Yes, we are talking about the street art here. This particular genre of art is the most celebrated art forms today and there are whole cities not just streets dedicated to this particular street painting form.

London, United Kingdom: Take a walking tour and discover what it is to view street paintings by the famous artist Banksy. Then you have paintings at Camden, Soho, Shoreditch and Croydon; anywhere be it the pavements in North London or along the canals in East London.  

Courtesy-Alternative Berlin Tours

Mexico City: La Romita, Avenida Reforma or Calle Zacatecas, streets are filled with vibrant paintings by local artists depicting the rich culture and tradition of the Mexicans.

Lisbon, Portugal: Calcada da Gloria, Calcada Do Lavra, Rua das Gaivotas or the Fabrica do Braco de Prata, these places have street paintings by the famous artist Vhils as well as local Portugal artists.

Prague, Czech Republic: Street arts can be found anywhere and everywhere in Prague. Check out some in the following places like Kampa Park, Zizkov district, Lenon wall near Charles Bridge and The Dancing House.

So other cities like New York, Melbourne, Poland and Valparasio are also cool destinations if you want to experience street art paintings in full glory. How about some street art paintings in your city?