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How to Deal With the Tiny Invaders

A new form of chemicals free treatment has been developed for use by pest control companies. The free chemical treatment uses a high level of heat to kill the eggs and adult bugs. Heat is between 120 and 135 degrees, which kills bugs and eggs. It has been found to work great in hospitals, hotels, dorm rooms. Many individuals have also found that this process works great in their homes as well.

If you have found yourself facing the downward invasion of bed bugs and have decided to take matters into your own hands rather than hire a professional then there are some simple steps and tools that can make the process much more effective and easier. You can find the effective bed bug treatment at https://www.bedbugbarrier.com.au/bed-bugs/.


If the infestation of bedbugs is still in its early stages it is possible for the average homeowner to take care of things carefully. Bed bugs are a small, reddish-brown, oval bug that looks like a small cockroach.

This insect is found most often in the mattress and box springs, but they may also live in the wall joints, cracks furniture, and other hard to reach areas. They feed off the blood of warm-blooded hosts and bite once every 7 to 10 days. Many people do not realize that the red marks on their skin are bedbug bites.