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Get Clean Criminal Records With Corpus Christi Expunction/Nondisclosure Attorney

Criminal charges on your record leave a negative impression and also can lower your future growth. Anyone, be it your employers, landlords or financial institutions can access your notes easily with background checks and make decisions that will not benefit you just based on criminal background checks. A criminal attorney can help you if you qualify for an expunction or keep your records confidential.

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What Expunction?

Expunction allows an individual to remove the wrong thing from your past from your record. If you are given expunction, everything, including a record of your arrest, booking photos, DPS records, and fingerprints will be deleted from the records. Expunction granted in limited circumstances. If you have been given an expunction, you can deny the crime charged encountered in the past and prevent future negative implications.

Victims of identity theft can also qualify for expunction. Identify theft is said to happen when an individual who has committed a crime may use your name, and because you do not actually commit a crime, you may be eligible to have your records eliminated.

Conditions to get Non-Disclosure Order

If you have completed a successful trial period, you are entitled to a secrecy order, not an expunction. In this case, your notes will not be erased completely but become inaccessible to public and private institutions. Only government agencies and law enforcement centers can access the file.

The best way is to hire a criminal lawyer and let them address the complex world of expunction and nondisclosures. A criminal attorney will help you to get your criminal record completely cleaned or inaccessible. Just hire a criminal defense attorney and provide complete information. Your attorney will handle the case on your behalf in an appropriate manner and may allow you to have a fresh start.