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Suitable Plastic Planting Pots for Houseplants

Plastic pot is one container that is suitable for ornamental plants and for gardeners with limited yard space. And they are available in various sizes, colors, shapes and plastic materials. Pots made of polypropylene are perfect for decorative tubs and larger tubs.

There is also a self-watering plant pot which is the latest addition. This pot is equipped with a built-in reservoir at its base so watering may not happen as often as in most ordinary pots. If you are looking for more information about the classic plant pots via www.springpot.com/fabric-pots/spring-pot/.

For gardening indoors, terracotta plastic planting pots are very suitable. They are also traditional pots that are commonly used by garden enthusiasts. Porous terracotta pots, and as such, get rid of some of the disadvantages associated with plastic pots.

However, plants contained in terracotta may need to be watered regularly because they absorb excess water from the soil. To overcome this problem, maintaining drainage holes is a must. For indoor use, choose plants that have the least watering needs such as cactus and aloe Vera.

Thermoformed square plastic pots are generally a standard and lightweight task. Among the commercially available sizes are the 2.25-inch pot, 3.5-inch square, and 4.5-inch square pot.

For heavy duty plastic pots, plastic injection mold pots are available at nurseries. However, this type of pot, which is very good for plants that are often moved or transported, is rarely sold.

Plastic injection mold plastic pots are available in sizes ranging from 4 liters to dry, 6, 12, 20, 28 and 80. Plastic planting pots are lighter and more cost effective than most container plants. Available in various colors, this pot is safer when there are children around it.