The Truth About Silica In Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Silica is the common mineral on earth. It really is known for its hardness which is therefore commonly used within the production of glass items. Fiber optics for telecommunications are made of silica and it is really a common additive in foods production for use like a flow agent and to soak up water.

Silica is a chemical compound consists of silicon and oxygen atoms. Silica is a quite typical and naturally occurring compound because of the fact that oxygen and silicon will be the two most plentiful elements within the earth's crust.

Nonetheless, there are a few downsides that ought to be noted. Diatomaceous earth is really a drying agent, so it's going to irritate your eyes upon immediate contact and can also irritate your skin after long periods of contact. You should also be mindful in disseminating it during your garden area too heavily or too deeply as it might also kill off helpful garden critters like lady bugs, bees, and earthworms. For more tips search silica supplements on the internet and you will get lots of content related to this.

Now, I'll bet you're wondering how something to use as an insecticide could also be safe for human intake. As long as you get the FOOD GRADE diatomaceous globe, it is perfectly harmless to humans, helping to soak up endotoxins and regulate food digestion. However, it's NOT so harmless to things including: e-coli, detrimental bacteria, viruses, ethyl mercury, drug remains, and parasites!