What is Ketosis? How Do We Lose Weight by Ketosis

All those obese people must have heard about ketosis. But, what exactly it is? Let’s find out.

What is ketosis?

The process of burning the fat from your body by the reduction of carbohydrate intake in the diet is known as losing weight by ketosis. Your body's metabolism shifts from getting energy from carbohydrates to taking it from fat. When it is taking place, this is the time that you lose the most fat.

The name ketosis refers to the block of fat that are stored for release as energy, which are known as ketones. Ketones are produced by the breakdown of fatty acids in the liver, which results in ketones being created. Ketones once created will not revert back to fat but will be excreted naturally from the body. For more information about ketosis diet you can look for ketopia on web.

But the ketosis shouldn't lead to a loss of muscle tissue, unless you are completely out of fat. This makes you even better at burning fat, as you retain the power throughout your body to do so, particularly in the smaller internal muscles. Now we can say that when ketosis is taking place it is possible to lose up to a stone in little over a week.