What Personal Information Should You Put On A Check?

When writing a check, most people wonder what personal information to put on a check. Putting or writing the correct information on your checks is very important. It protects you from identity theft and protects and keeps your finances safe and secure. There is personal information that should be written on each and every check. However, there is some other personal information that should not be included on the check.

All your checks should and must have the route number of your bank and also your account number written on them. Your name and address is also important. Another important thing required on the checks unlimited custom checks is the check number. Usually, in order for the checks to be accepted, most business require that this personal information be printed on the check and not handwritten.

Some other information that you might sometimes require to put on the check is information such as your phone number. You can write this one using your pen when its needed. Other things are such as the driver’s license. However, you need to be careful when disclosing this information not to be a victim of identity fraud.

Information you should never put on your check include your social security number. It is the most important personal information that you must never disclose to anyone. A person doesn’t need your social security number to accept the check. When the identity thieves get this information, they can drain and sweep all your bank accounts.